Sunday, September 25, 2011

"100 Things to do today" Completed

"100 Things to do"
So it's been a week since I started my "100 things to do today" project. I started last Sunday and ended yesterday. Everyday I got rid of 100 things. Big or small. It didn't matter, they just needed to go.
A few lessons I learned along the way were "Don't look at the big picture". Keep your eye at 100. I got caught up in the "clearing out" and over worked and tried to hard. That burned me out. SO....After Tuesday I readjusted my thinking and started again.
100 things! That's it. I counted. I spent the time I needed to. Somedays more than others. But I did it!!!!
And throughout the week I got rid of things like.....
Butter Bowls and Formula Cans I was saving for "projects"
Batteries that didn't work, papers from school and about events that had long passed.
Ketchup, salt, and straws from lord knows where and when
Cake toppers, half burnt candles, and silly stuff that I stuffed in a drawer and left to die
Magazines I have read (or haven't read) it's been so long I forget
Boxes I was saving for....I have no idea
Cat litter and laundry soap buckets and tubs. Why did I dave them? I don't know
Broken Toys and ripped up books
Vases I never use
A Curio Cabinet waiting to me fixed for 4 years
Trinkets I didn't need or really want actually.
And the list goes on and on....
I threw out 20 full garbage bags of garbage. And Freecycled much much more.
I cleaned the car (my head is still hurting from that) the kitchen, the bathrooms, the dining room, and living room. Never made it to the upstairs. And never really made a huge difference in the "look" of the house.....But it's a start. 20 bags!!! 20 bags of stuff that is now not cluttering my house, my mind or my life.
I feel so great knowing that over 700 "things" are gone...GONE!
This will be a project I do again. Working on the upstairs next. Then maybe a "Deep Clean" Week. I think 3 phases of the project is in order here. I never actually sat down and really went through EVERYTHING. I just skimmed the surface. But, it's a triumph for sure. And It's amazing to know I'm on my way to decluttering my home and life!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

100 Things to do and No time to do it?

So as you all know I've been working on my 100 things a day for a week project. Well, today is Wednesday and it's really been Hump Day for me in more ways then one. I promised myself that I would not give into temptation to not complete this project. And today was a test. I had other stuff going on, I'm exhausted and really could have done without it today.
So....Here is what we did. When Brother Baer came home from school I explained I had a game to play. But it was going to be really hard and would he help me. Of course he said (Because it was a game and not work. haha) And I told him the plan.....100 things in the trash bag in 15 minutes. We would set the timer.....
So I grabbed a bag and we planned our attack.
We raced around the kitchen and Dining Room and Bathroom downstairs....Found a few things
We raced to the living room and glanced through toys and boooks...any broken? or ripped up pages? GONE
Then we headed to the basement....Racing.....
Found a few things down there like an empty bottle of kitty litter, an empty box of kitty food, and a few stray dryer sheets....All trash.
Then we ran up 2 flights to the upstairs....Racing against the clock...
Brother Baer found a few things in his room, I found a few in the babies room, and mine...
But we weren't to 100 yet?
Upstairs the junk drawers.
I found old razors waiting for refills that weren't coming, old battery from who knows when, some junk I will never use, and an empty bag from razors....hmmmm....
Then to complete the 100 things we went back to the babies room and found some alcohol pads from when one of them were born, a shoe box, and a fwe other misc things...
BAM.....We hit 100. (With 3 minutes to spare I might add!!!!!)
SO...not the massive clean up from previous days...but 100 things is the goal. NOT massive decluttering everyday. And today I made the goal!!!
3 more days to go. And it only took up 15 (well 12) minutes of my life.
AND Brother Baer and I had a blast and laughed the whole time.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Confessions of an over achiever

So, I'm confessing and coming clean. As I started working on this 100 things project I realized that I can't just do something "a little" or some half way. I have to go over board. I feel the need to do everything, everyday, all the time. And guess what? It doesn't work. Know why? Because it's impossible. Totally impossible. I can promise you that no one will ever be harder on me than I am. That's a fact. SO.....As I sit here tonight, after 2 days of reflection I have decided that along with my house purging I'm going to purge my mind as well.
So,'s an excuse for not finishing the dining room. I know. HaHa But honestly it's a lot to get through. And I have 3 kids at home with therapies and everything else So I need to cut myself a break. I did however do 7 loads of laundry. And fold them all. (They aren't all put away but that's ok) I fed kids 3 meals today and changed a ton of diapers. I also bottle fed the baby 3 times and did manage to gather 3 bags of trash out of the dining room buffet. I actually reached my 100 things goal. Well over actually. I'm pretty sure I threw away about 400 pieces of paper or more.
My dining room isn't done. Only half way. But I'm ok with that. I'm happy to make progress. I figure it I can accomplish one tiny portion of the house each day while I upkeep the parts I have completed already that i will eventually over come. I will win.
But if I don't, that's ok too. Know why? Cause I work hard and mean well. And that's all I can ask for. My babies are happy. My husband is loved. My life is great.
And I feel so liberated with this cleansing. Starting tomorrow here is my list of things to achieve:
1. Do something I love (Tomorrow it may be a walk, depending on the rain)
2. Clean the rest of the dining room (100 things! Not quitting this!!!!)
3. Play with the babies
4. Make Dinner
5. Read some on my Kindle
If those things happen tomorrow it will be a GREAT day. Notice I only put in a small chore. I must stop thinking I can do everything everyday for everyone. All it does it cause me to feel digusted with myself and my home. the daily tasks while be completed and anything extra will be a bonus!
100 things in 7 days. Do it 100 things per day, per room, per week....just Do it! You will feel great I promise!

100 Things

100 Things!!!! How I'm clearing out and feeling good.
I found this link below:
and decided I had to do it! I have been overwhelmed by "stuff" for too long. So Yesterday I started my 100 thing Project. Now, I decided that I had a lot of rooms to conquer and a lot of things to get rid of. So my 100 things project is going to go room per room. (Large rooms) I started Yesterday and took on the Kitchen! I used the entire day on clearing out every drawer, every cupboard. Everywhere that I have stashed stuff for way too long. I took out 10...yes 10 trash bags of stuff. Freecycled 4 shopping bags of stuff and went to bed last night feeling more liberated then I have in a very long time.
I have decided that "stuff" will not rule my life. I will not spend my time looking for stuff in the mountains of "stuff"
Here's an example of some things I threw out....
Empty formula cans I was going to make something out of (Someday)
Empty butter tubs that I was saving for leftovers (Even though I have plenty of tupperware)
Junk drawer contenets of stuff like...ketchup packets, napkins and straws from who knows where and when.
Plastic kids cups from who knows where.
Papers, old bills, school papers that are from events past.
cake making things I will never use
Vases I will never use
Tea Figurines from Tea bag boxes sitting around collecting dust
I well surpassed my 100 things goal but it felt so good I continued on.
Today I am working on the Dining Room. The Buffet that's over flowing with paperwork. the desks that are stacked high of "stuff" 6 more junk drawers. I am getting the hang out what to keep and what not too. So I think it will be easier with each room I get too.
Once I complete the dining Room I'm done with that for the day. I don't want to over task and feel exhausted. This project is liberating and needs to be seen as such. You could do it for a day..... A Week..... An Hour....Just do it!
I promise you'll love it!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You're a Hippo Crate!
So, as my fun filled life of adventure continues I have kind of become a celebrity of sorts. I suppose it was bound to happen with all my awesomeness and everything. (I REALLY need to get with Bill Gates on this Sarcasm font thing!)
Along with being a celebrity of sorts I have people who are....well lets just call it like it is....Jealous of my super mom ability and all that jazz.
So....I've been called a Hippo Crate. Quite a few times actually during a few email exchanges with a said person. So, being from WV (As she pointed out as a pointed out) and all (again with the font...although I'm sure you can follow from here!) I wasn't real sure what a Hippo Crate was. SO, I call up my BFF (Actually I texted her cause I am cool like that) Amanda in Texas (Assuming that Texans are more intelligent then West Virginians) and she pulled out her trusty computer and googled a Hippo Crate. I mean honestly, If I am being called one, I surely want to know what it is. And being that it was meant as an insult and to cause damage I needed to know. I guess i'm probably the only one who didn't know, but that's ok. I'm ok with learning a little everyday.
Well. Here is the urban dictionary reference to a Hippo Crate:


A container used in the transport of the large animal known as a hippopotamus (not to be confused with an elephant). These hippos are prone to anger and violence, most likely due to their confinement, so the hippocrate must be very sturdy and secure. A variation of the hippocrate appears in the documentary Jurassic Park, but is used to convey velociraptors.

The Philadelphia Zoo went into lockdown when it was discovered that their latest shipment of hippocrates was one hippocrate short. I'm totally offended. Or am I? I wonder if being a Hippo Crate is a bad thing? I mean....They are needed right? Hmm....they are STRONG and Safe....
And Hippos are kind of cute.
I really loved in the definition of a Hippo Crate that they are used to transport Hippos. (Not to be mistaken for an elephant) Thank Goodness for clear definitions. As I may have made a mistake in thinking they were the same animal.
All in all I guess it's not a bad insult. I could be called alot worse. I wonder if a Hippo Crate could be used as punishment for Hypocrites? Hmmm.....
Amanda says if you bait the Hippo Crate with some cheese they will slither right in. ;)
I might try that since Papa Baer is all good at catching skunks now he could surely catch me a Hippo.
Moral of this story: If you are looking to insult, spread hate, and hurt people, on your quest, you MAY want to use spell check. Or know and understand what you are saying first. It may come across better and you wouldn't look so much like an idiot for writing it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Deep Dish Cheeseburger Pizza Pie

Deep Dish Cheeseburger Pizza Pie
2lbs Ground Beef
8 slices Prov/Mozz Cheese
2 Jars of Pizza Sauce
1 small onion
1 small bell pepper
Mushrooms (Optional)
1 teaspoon Italian Seasoning
1 Package of dry pizza crust mix
Parmesan Cheese
Brown ground meat, onion and pepper (Mushrooms and whatever else you want to add) in skillet. Drain grease and return to pan. Add the jars of pizza sauce and mix well.
Spray 13 x 9 baking pan with non stick spray. Layer the bottom of the pan with the slices of cheese. You could also use shredded mozz if you wanted. Layer on some Parmesan cheese. Pour hamburger mixture into pan.
Mix the packet of pizza crust adding extra water to it till it's "pourable" I don't actually measure the water. I just pour it in till it's the consistancy of pancake batter.
Pour the crust mixture onto the top. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
I love love to add things like...pepper rings and sausage. But alas Brother Baer wouldn't eat it. So I have to adapt. You could make the filling out of anything you like on pizza though!
QUICK and EASY! Just like I like it.

5 Moms I Secretly Hate

Moms I Secretly Hate (And Why)
So, I am easy to get along with usually. But I have decided that there a few kinds of moms I really secretly hate.
1. The Crafty playful mom: Now I love to be crafty and I love to play with the kids. BUT....Doing crafts WITH the kids is almost as bad as going to the dentist. The mess, the crying, the screaming (me and them) it always ends up bad. OCD doesn't allow me to let my kids "glue" things or "cut" things themselves. And glitter and that kind of thing just makes my stomach a little sick to think about. (All over the the the eyes....UGH it gets dangerous) And playing house or dinosaurs is just too much for me. I mean this is me.....(Dinosaur in hand) with Brother Baer (Dinosaur in hand) RRRROOOOAARRRR I'm going to eat you. Brother Baer says....Your dinosaur eats plants mom. Oh I say. Well then here let me eat this piece of grass. *sigh* I secretly hate the moms that can spend hours doing that stuff.
2. Moms who are "put together": I don't know how they can be a mom and have the time to get their hair done, makeup done, nails and toe nails done, clothes all matching and stylish...AND shave their legs and stuff? Where do they find this time? Do they not sleep? I can barely get the 3 little baers dressed and fed without losing my mind. I get a babysitter to go out and usually they are babysitting while I'm getting ready while Papa Baer is waiting in the car (He's inpatient) while I slap some makeup on and throw on my flip flops and sunglasses.
3. Moms who do things with adults: Seriously....Again where do they find the time? Movies and luncheons and coffee. Dinners and Dancing and fun? Really? Where do they find the time and energy. By the time it's dinner time here. I'm ready to go to bed. Getting all dressed up (see #2 mom) and all ready and then going out. *phew* I dunno. Sounds like work to me.
4. Moms who's kids behave: I love seeing a mom struggle with kids. Seriously, I'm at Walmart and their kids are throwing a tantrum. I'm the sick person who smiles and feels good inside. At least they make me feel normal. What do these moms do with their kids that are behaving? sitting quietly at the Dr office? Grocery shopping with mom without screaming and running around? Sitting in a restaurant without throwing things or puking on the floor....Seriously what are they doing? Are they drugging their devils prior to going out?
5. Moms who's houses are clean: Ok, so I think this is a myth. It MUST be. There is just no way to have a house full of children and not have a mess. I'm pretty sure. BUT, just in case my theory is wrong and it's not a myth and there are moms who can keep their house clean with children. I hate them too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Cool....Right?

So Papa Baer and I have been through alot of changes in our years together. And although we aren't old and gray yet...Ok ok....I have help not being gray. ;) As we were planning a birthday get away for me (my dream actually that MIGHT come true) I started thinking how things seem to always stay the same as they change. Let me explain....
We used to dance in night clubs to Black Eyed Peas. Now we dance in the living room to Fresh Beat Band.
We used to beg our parents to let us stay out late. I'm still begging my parents to let me stay out late (While they watch the kids)
I used to have to jump through hoops for weeks to get to do something special like spend the night away from home. I am still doing that. And still with my mother. (She needs to babysit) Amazing how at my age I still am begging for this.
We used to have a curfew as kids. We still have a curfew except it's to the babysitter. Except then it was midnight. Now it's 9PM
We used to be exhausted all day from staying out late. Now we are exhausted all day from staying UP late. (Like 11. lol)
We used to hide having a drink from our parents. Now we hide it from the kids.
We used to lie to our parents when we did something fun. Now we lie to our kids. (No, mommy had to go to "work" that starbucks cup is old)
I used to wear his shirts to bed to feel him close. I still wear his shirts to bed (because I haven't done laundry.)
I used to hide stuff so I didn't have to share with my sister. I just recently shoved an ENTIRE Reese Peanut Butter egg in my mouth so Brother Baer didn't see and ask for some.
We used to take long drives together for fun. We still take long drives together (When GPS gets us lost) and it's still fun. (If 3 screaming kids sounds like fun)
The reasons have changed but we are still doing all the things we used to do. So We're still cool. Right?

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Stacking Blocks"

Stacking Blocks
As if the Baer kids didn't have enough toys I found a way to repurpose all different kind of container lids for their enjoyment.
Everyone knows that kids love things that aren't really toys. And these container lids. (Mostly saved from laundry detergent containers and other plastic jugs) make a great toy for them to play with.
Brother Baer had a big set of them when he was younger and I decided to make a set for the younger ones.
There's not really any directions. Find something to store them in. (I used a $1.00 bag) and just make sure they are washed well to remove any detergent) and hand them over!
I spent 00.00 on this idea so if the kids play with them for a week and get bored...then it's all good. :)

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce
1 bushel of tomatoes (5 gallon bucket filled twice)
4 Large Green Peppers
6 medium onions
1/4 cup of basil
1/4 cup oregano
1/4 cup italian seasoning
3 tablespoons onion salt
3 tablespoons garlic powder
1 cup canning salt
3 cups of sugar
3 cups of cooking oil
48 oz tomato paste
4 large cans of tomato puree
This recipe was passed down from grandma from her mom. The seasonings have been adjusted to my family liking, so experiment and see what YOU like in terms of the seasonings.
Wash and core tomatoes. cut in half and squeeze them to eliminate the excess seeds and liquid. "Blend" or food process into pure liquid form. I leave peels and everything on them. Once the sauce is cooked you can't taste or see the peels etc and it's much easier (And also the nutrients from the peels are still intact) I use Roma tomatoes and a variety of big boy and whatever else I have in the garden. The Romas are meatier and less seedy then the rest but smaller so it takes more.
Wash and peel onions and deseed green peppers. Food process them as well.
Combine EVERYTHING except the Tomato paste into a large pot (I actually have to start with 2 pots until it cooks down enough to combine them.)
Simmer while stirring often for approx 3-4 hours. Allowing all the seasonings to blend well and all the liquid to cook out. The sauce will thicken as the water cooks out of the tomatoes. It will also turn from the light red color you start with to the dark red color of spaghetti sauce. Be patient and allow this to happen. Once the sauce is thicker and the water look is gone (About 4 hours for this size batch) you can add your tomato paste. A little at a time until the desired thickness. Some people like their sauce thicker then others. Just add it about 12 oz at a time and allow it to cook into sauce to determine if you want to add more. I use the whole amount myself.
Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking. I will sometimes add more of one or another seasoning till I like the taste. But, this recipe is about the exact of everything I use. You can replace the garlic powder with either fresh or minced garlic. We aren't a big garlic family here. So the powder does the job right for us.
Once the sauce is thick and to your liking pack into hot sterile jars and seal with hot seals and rings. Water bath the jars for 30 minutes.
Allow to seal.
Makes 18 quarts.